Happiness Is … A Man Who Accessorizes

About six months ago I gave my husband his first bracelet. He looked at me with doubt and reluctantly put it on. He wore it all that day and later told me he liked it. I was very happy because I like a bracelet on him and think he looks great wearing one! 

Eventually, over time he even began to ask me if I had seen any others so I began to pick one up for him here and there when I spotted one I thought he would like. I even made him one myself. 

Now my husband has been given an old jewelry box of mine that had become too small to hold all my jewelry and is using it for his own growing collection.

He has some nice pieces and I am glad he has become even more fashion forward. 

My husband has always dressed very nicely so this is just an addition to his already good fashion sense. 

Now, even our friends pick one up for him as gifts from time to time. 

So today, for me Happiness Is … a well accessorized man! 

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