Happiness Is … Good Vintage Look Boots

Sometimes when you are “middle aged” it is just nice to take a trek back in time, especially when you are still looking stylish! I went shopping (retail therapy) with my daughter this week and Famous Footwear was having one of their wonderful Buy One Get One Half Off deals. My daughter had a very specific need in mind, but I was just looking for something to complete the BOGO deal. 

I had picked up earlier that day a fun, somewhat boho, some what 80’s throw back dress and found some boots that would work perfectly with it. Today I am not wearing that dress, but have found another outfit that the boots really rock out! 

Necklace from T&J Designs 

Cami from Wet Seal

Shirt and Jeans from Gap

Boots from Famous Footwear (Roxy)

My boots were on Clearance! Probably a return but so what! I got mine for under 50.00 and with buy one get one we scored a pair of Van’s sneakers for my daughter and these for me, for under 75 dollars. My daughter was smart and got boy’s vans since they are less expensive than women’s. 

Larger more detailed photo below…

I just love the little pocket on the side! 
I think these boots just scream late 80’s early 90’s especially tucked into the jeans like this. The whole look is inspired from things I wore “back in the day” and it is so much fun to do throw back looks when you are my age, it just makes you feel like a kid again! 
I have been having fun today acting like a teenager. 
So today, for me, happiness is … throw back day with an inspiring pair of boots! 

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