Happiness Is … The Perfect Red Tote

I have been desiring a red tote bag for awhile now, however I have been very particular on the shade of red, as well as not wanting to pay too much. Yesterday I took my college aged daughter shopping for some retail therapy, and found the perfect shade or red tote, at the perfect price! Now I am not one of those people who must always have a name brand attached to her items, be them clothing, or accessories, but after pricing bags for ages now, and having several in my collection already, there is a big difference between name brand quality, and that of the less expensive bags. 

With clothing I mix it up. I will buy items that are classics, that won’t go out of fashion in the more expensive brands, and those items that are more fad, or style in the now, I will get at the bargain shops because I don’t need them to last, and don’t expect I will be wearing them for years to come. 

When it comes to bags, totes, clutches, etc I am starting to think more about longevity or use, durability, etc … after all we carry them often, shoving tons of things into them. They get sat down on surfaces that may not be very safe, they are hung on the arms of chairs, bump into things, etc. They should be more durable, and be able to take some rough handling. A woman’s purse, is like luggage and you would not want cheap, flimsy lugging holding your valuables right? 

So this is what I ended up getting:

Red London Fog Bag
A good name brand, been around for ages, in the perfect blue hue shade of red, which is exactly the shade I wanted! Some red colors are far too orange toned for my taste. 

Red London Fog Bag
I like the stately looking black and gold fob / hang tag thing. 
Red London Fog Bag
Tons of pockets both inside and on the outer side of bag! You can’t even see them all in this photo! Also I dislike bags that have a solid black interior because it makes items very difficult to find, especially in dark places like movie theaters and some restaurants. This has a nice silver and black lining. I would have preferred it to be all silver, or maybe in a gold or nude tone, but at least its not all black! 
London Fog is known for having a very durable outer shell. The leather is very stiff, and some people like that while others dislike it. I do love soft supple leather and have several bags with that type of feel but there is something to be said for the durability of London Fog and the duality of their items being both fashionable and practical. 
This bag retails at regular price for 199.00 but mine was 59.99 at TJ Maxx, one of my all time favorite places to shop! 
I know this bag is going to be my “go to” bag this fall and winter and will get plenty of use but I also anticipate this bag will be with me for many years to come due to it being such good quality, and so durable. 
So today, Happiness Is … a new red tote! 

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