Happiness Is … Found Art

A long time ago my daughter fell in love with this art print we found at a second hand store. 

I also thought this dude looked so cheerful and told her we should get him. We had no idea what the writing said but his face said so much and we translated that look alone to be something good. 
Years later, my daughter entered college and ended up with two roommates from China. We asked the girls if they could interpret the story on the picture and while they said the translation from Chinese to English would be difficult for them, especially in a word for word way that they could tell us a little.
According to them, this picture was done either by this man, or for this man in the picture. His story was about crossing water, some hardship, but finding his place in the world. 
I have no idea if these girls were pulling our legs, they were the sweetest young girls, but I can also see them wanting to desperately give us some kind of information to go on, we were pretty desperate for info because we always wondered what it said, and we finally had some people who could possibly give us answers! Either way, if the girls were being coy with us, or on the level, I like the story they gave us because it makes sense. This guy looks rather proud of himself, cheerful, and even a touch smug. 
Maybe it is the man in this picture being coy with the girls and in return we are getting the same. 
Regardless, he hangs in my living room, and every day I pass him several times, and he always makes me smile at his cheerful funny face. 
So today, Happiness Is … this wonderful find from a second hand store, and the mystery of his real story. 

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