Happiness Is … Woodworking

All of you know how much I love my fashion and beauty products. Well my husband loves his woodworking and tools just as much. Lately we have realized we need some new items since our move, such as a larger dining room table. We priced the tables we liked, in the size we need and realized it would make far more sense for him to build the table, and other furniture we need himself. Problem with that is it takes specific tools to get this type of job done! 

Its not unlike makeup or clothing, we need specific items to do specific things! So we decided that he needed more tools, big tools, and we have been working and are still working on that goal. 

We may be eating at the coffee table a bit longer but it is so worth it to us. He has a hobby he enjoys, and he also sells small items in the mean time. The profits from the small items go to buying the larger tools! 

My husband made his own workbench which I am super proud of him for doing, as these workbenches are not cheap! Now he is making bird feeders, benches, planters and other items while he builds his collection of tools to make our table, and chairs. 

So for me, today, Happiness Is …Woodworking – creating wonderful things and my husband being happy. 

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