Happiness Is … Winter Clothing

I absolutely love Autumn and I like winter, although my skin hates it. The reason I love winter is because I just so much enjoy going through the bins that have been stashed away all spring and summer filled with our winter clothes, and coats. 

I also have a similar joy come spring time when I get to put away the winter stuff and pull out the summer stuff, but something about big puffy jackets, and soft cuddly sweaters, is so comforting. Unlike summer when I have to think about losing the winter weight, or how I will look in sleeveless tops, things I have been getting better about in reality, but for years that plagued my mind with the summer items, whereas with winter I could easily hide all the imperfections. 

Either way, now it is time to pull out all those cozy comfortable items, and I am enjoying it because it is almost like getting new things again! Granted they are not new but they have been put away just long enough that every now and then I pull something out and go “Ah ha I remember you!” Or “Oh yes I bought you at the end of season sale right before spring time!” 

Happiness Is ... Winter Clothing
So I am showing off here something old, and something new, and something in between. The coat was one of those end of season sales, I got to wear it only about one month before spring came upon us and it was packed away. So to me, it is still new. The sweater, a vintage Evan-Picone, made back when things were made very well, was purchased for me by my husband on a website called Yardsellr.com which no longer exists but was fun while it lasted. A lot of people were very upset about it closing suddenly but I had already been done with it before all that happened. Needless to say this vintage beauty came from that site and I love it! So that is my something old, which I have owned about two years now and it does not look a day older! Then we have my “in the middle” which is a scarf and for the life of me I can not remember where it came from! I sure wish I could remember because it is a great scarf! 
It’s also fun when you pull out a few items that all match perfectly like these three items do.
So today, for me, Happiness Is … Getting out the Winter Clothing! 

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