Happiness Is … Statement Bling Again!

I imagine some of you are getting tired of me being so happy about new Bling but honestly I find these necklaces the best way to get an inexpensive thrill. I can’t believe what great deals Groopdealz has on statement necklaces! 
This pretty mint necklace is not mine though, it is my daughters but I am just as thrilled when she opened her pretties! 
I don’t know if they have any more of these or not. They did when I looked two days ago. I went to the site to look for my readers because I was going to link it to you if they had some left but when I saw the page and all the new pretties I had to close the site immediately or I would end up buying more stuff! The deals are just painfully good! Even though they are great deals, I am seriously in need of a spending hiatus for awhile. Regardless, if they don’t have this I promise you that they will have something you simply can not live without! 

I love Groopdealz, and I just can’t believe it took me so long to find it!

So today, once again, Happiness Is … Statement Bling, even if it is not mine.

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