Happiness Is … Kut From the Kloth

Kut from the Kloth is a quality brand that people are loving. They have been featured in clothing subscription boxes, are sold at anchor stores in the mall, and are also available in boutiques. You can buy online at their site as well. 

It’s funny how when you start hearing about things you suddenly notice them everywhere. Its like when you buy a new or used car that you had little knowledge or interest in before, then suddenly you see them all over the street! For me, Kut from the Kloth has been that way. I had noticed that I liked their styles a lot but had never seen them locally. Note that I live in a city in the Midwest that has few boutiques, one mall, and is not totally up on fashion. 

My only interaction with this brand has been from clothing subscription services and I do have a couple of items from this line but  when I saw Kut from the Kloth clothing in one of my favorite boutiques I was thrilled, and amazed. Better yet, they were on the 50% off rack! 

So I grabbed the only item still in my size these awesome bright perfect for Autumn orange shorts! They will even be cute with leggings due to the cut being a bit longer in the legs. 

Kut from the Kloth sizing is forgiving – I can usually go down one size in their items. That is never a bad thing to feel a size smaller. The fabric of these short is so soft but yet you can tell they are made well, they feel sturdy. There is a lot of information on their website about their cuts and fit but here is a snippet:
We know how essential it is to have a great pair of jeans in every woman’s wardrobe, and here at Kut from the Kloth, we have spent many years perfecting the art of well-designed denim. The quality of the denims we use have just the right amount of stretch, with excellent recovery, contouring every woman’s curves in all the right places.
KUT jeans are crafted with an obsession for the perfect fit. All of our jeans are constructed with a high back rise in order to eliminate the denim from riding too low, a mid-rise front, and plenty of coverage on the sides.
We style jeans that every woman can slip on, turn around, and feel great in. From skinnies to boyfriends, to the ever-loved boot cut, there’s something for everyone in our diverse collection.

I love finding quality much desired clothing locally, I enjoy supporting local shops when I can, and while I love the ease of at home shopping it is such a joy to run into something I have seen become so popular online as I spend a great part of my time online. What I love even more is getting half off! 

So today, for me, happiness is, Kut from the Kloth at a great deal, locally! 

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