Happiness Is … Good Healthy Food

I live in Kansas – Beef Country, but I was also a vegetarian for seven years. I go back and forth in my diet from desiring BBQ to wanting noting more than a big salad. What I do love, anytime, all the time is a good plate of fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese, a good hard bread or crackers, and a glass of wine! 
This right here was my husband’s and my Linner (lunch and dinner combined) the other night. This is my favorite meal. 
Sometimes we will mix it up with some kalamata olives, or Boar’sHead deli meats, or other goodies. 
This plate however, to me, is a feast! Food like this makes me feel good, and my energy is so much better, my mind more focused when I eat like this. 
Everyone’s body is different and it is important to notice how our bodies and minds respond to the foods we eat. It’s funny because if I eat a sub, from anywhere, I get listless, mentally zoned out, and lethargic, even though there are tons of veggies in the sub. I think it is the bread, however when I eat a good bakery bread, I do not have this issue. It sometimes also comes down to preservatives in foods, or specific ingredients, or other times the combination of foods. The trick is to find what your body and mind responds to best and then incorporate that into your diet as often as possible. 
For me, and my husband, this platter does the trick.
So for me, Happiness Is … Healthy Food! 

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