Happiness Is … Cuddling with Brandy

Today I am showing off another one of my furkids Brandy. Brandy is a Pit Bull, Jack Russell Terrier mix. What that means is that she is hyper and sometimes aggressive, but only when people leave, due to separation anxiety. She is also loyal, and playful.

Brandy was found by my husband, before we met, along side the highway, with her brother. My husband kept Brandy, and a friend of his kept her brother.

It was obvious they had been dumped, abused, and needed good homes.

Brandy is our playful pet. She loves her Ball and goes crazy if you say Ball so we started to spell it out – B A L L and now she knows what that means too!

Brandy does get over anxious, and her stiff tail is always knocking things over, and she gets cold easily and needs covered up. She gets upset when people leave, but only barks in warning when people arrive. As long as she gets attention she calms down quickly. Brandy also loves giving kisses!

She is highly protective of the other pets in the house, especially our little dog Lyla, we call Brandy the mommy doggie.

Brandy loves to cuddle and will basically let you position her any way you want to, even “sitting up” beside you or in your lap.

She is so sweet, and I am so happy my husband rescued her so that I could be her mama.

So today, for me, Happiness Is … Cuddling with Brandy.

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