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I get samples for review through various methods but you do not need to be a  blogger to get samples sent to your door! If you like receiving and sharing free products check out BzzAgent! They offer ways to get a lot of free goodies simply for sharing that information with friends. 

So about a week ago I got these goodies in the mail:

After filling out some simple surveys I got a notification that I could accept samples of this product so I accepted. I was surprised to see what all they sent! I was expecting the product itself but I also received five of them so that I could share with friends and family, as well as these really amazing books on Beauty Myths! Also included were some coupons to share for 20% off at Paula’s Choice. So I passed one on to my mother, and a couple to my daughter and her friend, as well as having an extra for anyone here who would like it! Whoever comments first below asking for the book, C15 Sample, and coupon flyer will get one! (Hint: You can also see the coupon code in the photo). Just please be sure there is a way in which I can reach you via one of your social networking sites and I will get in touch with you! 
BzzAgent is all about sharing and spreading the good information around.
I tried this Resist C15 Super Booster on one hand and compared it to the hand without the product and there was a difference after only a few days but the product does ask that you allow more time for it to work. We will see how it goes. I will eventually try it on my face but I like doing a side by side comparison so I can see better how a product is working especially ones that say they will lighten brown spots since I have many of them on my hands! 
One of the sections in the book discusses brown spots by the way and I enjoyed that a lot! 
So today, for me, Happiness Is … getting fun samples to try and to share! 

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