Happiness Is … The Art of Writing

Not many people know this about me but I love writing. Not just writing as in blogging, but actually writing by hand, on paper. Truly I feel it is an art, one that we are losing with each generation. Do you know that some schools do not even teach how to write in cursive anymore! 

I especially love writing with my calligraphy pens and sealing envelopes with sealing wax. Funny but true story, back when I was a kid, anytime I heard the song Puff the Magic Dragon, and the lyric sealing wax came up I truly thought that they meant ceiling wax. I was not sure what ceiling wax was but obviously I didn’t know what sealing wax was either! Okay I have digressed, back to topic, I love all that stuff! 

I even have special boxes I store my writing instruments and accessories in. 

I especially adore this box I picked up at a vintage shop for only five dollars! It has a mirrored background under the lid but it is the top that I love, a picture in raised wood of a little girl writing! You can see the smoke rising from her wax stick! Lovely and so unique! 

Things I Love to Use When Writing! 

I just adore wax stamps and always look for them at craft shops. I love buying different and fun colors of wax, which is not too different from buying different colors of blush, or eyeshadow! I love pretty things, and nice handwriting is so pretty. I am not very good at calligraphy, I will admit it, but I keep practicing! There is even an art to making the perfect wax seal! 

So for me, Today, Happiness Is … The Art of Handwriting. 

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