Girlfriend Intervention

Okay ladies, I have a new secret obsession, its called Girlfriend Intervention. I am not a huge reality show fan, well except for home makeover shows, and Ninja Warrior, okay and that show about the guy who lives in the woods, okay so maybe I do like reality shows, just not the ones full of drama. Regardless, this show is AMAZING! These four beautiful black women, who “own it” transform women one by one into the true beauties that they are. 

I know it is a reality show and heavily edited as they all are but this show does so much more than just toss out someone’s old ratty clothing, buy them a new wardrobe, give them a makeover and hope that they can keep up the new look. This show really gets involved in the inner person, which if you know me, and my career as a spiritual advisor, you will truly understand how important that aspect is to me. 
These four women of course set the girl up with clothing that is complimentary to her body, and of course they do her hair and makeup but what they really do is get into the mental / emotional aspect of why the woman has let herself go. 
Here is a before and after photo of one of the lovely women who was on the show:
Now yes she was perfectly cute before hand but she was transformed into a lovely young woman and her confidence was seemingly also booming after. I say seemingly because, well, we really don’t know how any reality show guest / contestant, really feels after the fact, so I am going based on how she appeared on the show itself. So unless they are hiring actresses to pretend to be truly transformed inside and out, and acting happy, I have to say this women sure seemed happy. 
I believe, especially for women over forty, who have raised children, worked hard, sometimes more than one job, been married, perhaps divorced, perhaps more than once, and have been through the school of hard knocks, that focus on the interior is as important as focus on the exterior and these ladies nail it! Granted you do not need to be forty or beyond to get to the point of just not caring how you look, let alone how you feel, and women of all ages can benefit from an inside out makeover. Anyway, I have digressed, what I really want you all to do is watch this show! Set your DVR to record and when you are alone and no one is aware you are once again watching a reality show, make that popcorn, or pour that glass of wine, sit back and learn from it! 
I learn something from every episode either about what to wear, or how to style my hair, or how to feel. Each episode is so very empowering and these ladies are entirely entertaining! Then again I have always had a black woman living inside of me, its all about the attitude! 
I guess I should tell you that the show is on Lifetime Wednesday Nights at 10/9 Central. Check it out! 
Oh on an afterthought I also love Project Runway too. Wow I may have a problem. 

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