Forskolin Review

Forskolin has become pretty popular because of it’s ability to help people boost metabolism, but there are many lesser known benefits such as: helping with inflammation, clearing up skin, getting better sleep, among many others. 

The review I am posting is about the product you can find here

These are 250mg capsules and each bottle has 60 capsules. That is a 1 to 2 months supply depending on your dosage. I take one per day. 

Here is what the company says about their product: 

  • Help Jump Start Your Metabolism & Burn Excess Body Fat With The Supplemet Dr. Oz Calls Lightning in a Bottle.
  • Have More Energy Than You’ve Had in Years, While Losing Those Extra Flabby Inches You’ve Dreaded Having For Who Know’s How Long.
  • Sleep Great Knowing That Forskolin Has Been Clinically Proven To Provide Noticeable Loss Of Excess Body Fat, and Wake Up More Rejuvenated Than You Thought Was Possible.
  • Increase Your Lean Body Mass And Prevent or Treat Painful Menstruation And Urinary Tract Infections.
  • Regulate Your Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Levels, While Reducing Inflammation.

I like Forskolin because it seems to help minimize the effects of my psoriasis which is a big deal. If you have psoriasis you know what I am taking about! My psoriasis flares up in the winter, it is painful to say the least. This supplement does help quite a bit but does not totally get rid of it.

I also notice while taking Forskolin I have more energy, get tired far less easy when doing any sort of physical activity, and I stay alert longer. I have been sleeping like a baby as well but that could be due to having more energy that I am not used to during my waking hours! Either way, it seems to help people in different ways. I have no idea how it works, maybe it targets the areas you need help in, sort of like an antibiotic. I never understood how that worked, I mean you get the same antibiotic for one health concern as a person who has a totally different health issue does and magically it knows where to go! This is sort of how Forskolin seems to work. Now this is my point of view, the company has not stated this!

Anyway I had no adverse reactions to it, so I am going to finish up my bottle for sure! I am done reviewing new to me supplements now and so I can finish up all of the supplements I have recently reviewed. I do like all of them and this Forskolin is no different. It seems to have positive effects!

I do have a probiotic review coming up but I have sworn by probiotics forever now and my daughter has to take them or gets very sick.

I know a lot of people worry about natural remedies and supplements but truly you should give some a try. You can always speak to your doctor before trying a new one but I have type 1 diabetes and my doctor has never, ever said “Oh no stay away from THAT!” when discussing a new supplement.

If you want to give Forskolin a try they are offering my readers a 10.00 off two bottles coupon! Use code ILQ9TLAW at checkout. Forskolin ships free with amazon prime and costs 20.77 per bottle.

NOTE: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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