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Oh I do love the Fall! This is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the smells of wood being burnt in the air, I love the crisp air itself, crunchy leaves under my feet, and the boots I get to wear on them! Boots are my fashion weakness when it comes to shoes! I adore them and desire them in all colors. Here are some of my favorite boot trends coming out this season, which really, they do not change that much, but that is one of the best things about boots! A good pair can stay in fashion forever! 

The boots I am going to discuss are not boots I currently own, but rather my extreme wish list, more like a dream list as I will probably only pick up one pair this fall. 
The first pair I am showing off here is not something I would wear daily and not a brand that I currently own, but I do like to rock an edgy look now and then, and I think these are not only an excellent quality brand, but also great looking. They may be Harley Davidson, but that does not mean only the biker gals can wear them! You could pair these with a really cute skirt, or romper, or even jumpsuit! Personally I would wear them with jeans, a tank, and a cool fitted jacket! Add some edgy accessories and you have yourself a total look!
Here is my choice for Edgy Fall 2014 Harley Davidson, Shanna Dark Brown Price 180.00
My next selection is by Franco Sarto, they are called Octogon, Price 149.00, and they come in many different colors. I am showing the color I would buy them in. I love this wine color which they call Cordovan Leather. I think everyone needs a couple of colorful pair of boots in their arsenal. I have a pair of wine colored ankle boots very similar to these.  
I love these Michael Antonio Burnett Boots at only 69.00 they make a statement with the strapped buckles. They are a great pair of walking boots that will definitely get noticed! These come in three different colors, I think the navy is neat because I rarely see boots in navy! These are just calling out for a midi skirt if you ask me! 
Okay so this next pair is absolutely a “dream” pair as I could never afford shoes at 225.00 so these don’t even make the cut of the wish list but oh I do love them! So stately, so classic but with a modern  cool twist. The Addison by Joe’s Jeans has stolen my heart! I have never heard of this brand before so I will be checking into them more but perhaps I should not since I obviously can’t afford them. They do come in two colors but if I could ever get them in my closet they would absolutely be in the grey color! Also I do not care for higher heels often, but when I do they are big chunky heels like these. I need more surface area to keep me from falling on my rear end! 
Pinkolinos brings us some two tone colored boots called Brujas. Again far out of my price range at 265.00 but I love the style! Two tone boots have been a want of mine since last year and the two tone craze is still hot! I prefer these boots in the color shown but they come in two other colors as well, including the grey which is my second favorite as I really love grey boots! 
If the Pinkolinos are out of your price range too Wanted brings us Derby for 89.99, a two tone boot which is far more affordable. Derby are more a riding boot than the Brujas but still pull dual color duty. It is a toss up for me if I would want them in Tan / Brown or Brown / Burgundy. With four color options it is funny I am still wishing they had them in a Black / Burgundy option! 
Priced at 139.00 Franco Sarto Yogi really stole my heart but only in the Tobacco / Bronze color as I think that gives them their true character. The wide heel is the perfect hight at only 2.5 inches for fall and winter caution creating sidewalks but still gives us a little added height. I think they are spectacular looking.
I will admit when I saw this next pair my mind was blown! I had no idea that Sperry Topsider made boots! I knew they made some wedges and summer shoes outside of their norm which are boat shoes, but boots? I had no idea! I adore the Sperry line and the Ambrose boots are no different! I love this style in two of the three colors offered, Cognac / Sand as well as Brown / Olive. A close, but not exact design to the shoes above by Franco Sarto, they are no less expensive at 140.00
Also at 140.00 are the Aldo Olenalla boots in grey are at the top of my desire list! These sexy little numbers are just smashing and ring of Fall 2014 style because they will go with almost any fashion you put on! From skinny jeans to a cute skirt, or even a hot party dress! Love them! 
Diba gives us a versatile straight forward style in Pro Gerss for 189.00, and they come in both brown and black. If you can only have one pair of brown and black boots this year consider this brand for one of the two colors! I prefer them in brown as you can see so much more of that vintage weathered look which gives them their classic style. These will go with so many items you have in your wardrobe and every closet needs a brown pair and a black pair of good ol riding boots that go from classy to casual! Wear them with leggings, jeans and your favorite sweater, or even with a business suit! 
I had a dream, and that dream was for a pair of Frye Dorado Riding Boots in Red! Le Sigh. 
I just can’t even dream this dream however because these little diddy’s run 598.00 OMG! They are Frye though, and are known for their craftsmanship, or womanship, whatever they may be. This boot comes in thirteen different colors but alas I would select red because if I could be as indulge as to spend almost 600 on a pair of boots, I would go all the way and get the most indulgent color they offer! I get giddy just looking at these! 
So there you have it … my dream list, wish list, maybe I can get list line up for boots this season! 
Do you have a favorite on my list too? What are your favorite kind of boots for Fall? 
Share your thoughts with me in the comments below, I love hearing from my readers.
And as always …
Stay Stylish! 
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