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Back when I first started dressing stylish again, I found a little boutique that I loved dearly for quite some time. I still like to go browse there but honestly the prices are a little higher than I have to pay elsewhere for like items. I did however score a couple of beauties here both by the same brand Nick & Mo

I absolutely love the bohemian chic design of these pieces, even though I swore I wanted to get away from the “hippie” look, I just can’t always do it. Stevie Nicks inspired the way I dressed for upward of ten years after all! These two items are some of my favorite things in my closet! 

The dress is just darling and looks so pretty on. You can find it on their website on this page in this color, called ocean, and in natural which is an ivory color. You have to click the link and see it on the model. Beautiful! 

The second piece is a jacket also on their website here

I love this jacket and it goes with a lot more items than I thought it would. This line offers so many items I would love to have, I look on the site often day dreaming, but it is not an inexpensive line whatsoever! 
I have selected an item or two I would buy if I had “extra money” floating around, but that dream is elusive. I will say it is worth saving up for though. I may make myself a Nick & Mo collection jar, like my husband has for his tool fund. Then he and I can battle it out over the coins found in the laundry for our savings account! 
I am not paid to endorse this brand, I don’t think this brand even does that as they are somewhat a small line. I just followed them on Twitter and noticed they have under 100 followers! I just like to show love to brands I personally like, and share with my readers things I hope they too will enjoy. I find most, if not all of their clothing not only fitting, but flattering for lovelies over 40, and any age for that matter! 
Check them out and please comment and let me know what you think of their clothes in the comments! 
In the meantime, 
Stay Stylish! 

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