Birchbox Man September 2014 Review

I resubscribed to Birchbox Man for my husband using coupon code BBPLUS100 which give you 100 points (equals 10.00) to spend in the Birchbox Shop (code expires at the end of September 2014). My husband has only got one previous Birchbox and he liked it but was not “in love” with it. I had subscribed to it at a time when I was just getting into subscription boxes myself. Since that time, he has become more interested in products, and the idea of sub boxes, so I decided it was time for him to try it out again. 
Unfortunately he is on his night shift rotation so I had to wait, and wait, for him to wake up to open his box. Once he was awake he was anxious to open it up but literally only had moments to delve in and see what he got so please forgive the rushed photography. 
What he got: 
Costume National Homme – A crisp, cultured scent, with top notes of citrus and a spicy heart of cinnamon and clove. 
My husband was not sure if he liked it at first but it settled and he did end up loving it. He could not put it on his skin due to his job making candy but we noticed it reminded us a little of spice bomb but a bit more robust.
Gilchrist & Soames London Collection Body Lotion – A luxurious ego friendly lotion made with natural emollients like honey and glycerin. 
Obviously again he did not get to try it out yet but he thought it smelled nice. He is particular with how lotion feels on the skin so I am hopeful he likes this one when he gets to put it on. 
SmartSkin A27 Anti-Agining Eye Cream – A potent formula that restores elasticity and replenishes lipids to fight tough wrinkles. 
He needs this, especially with his rotating schedule, and he is also getting closer to his 40’s himself so I am going to really push him to try this! It is a fairly nice sized sample considering you use very little eye cream each day. The full sized containers look very masculine, I think they would look pretty sitting on our vanity, but I realize that is a bad reason to like a product. Anyway I am hopeful he will use this and like it. 
Vasanti Cosmetics Detox Nutrient-Rich Facial Cleanser – Irritant-free cleanser that gently unclogs pores while preserving skin’s natural moisture. 
We already have two samples of this from my previous boxes, both this box and another sample box. It is an alright product but neither of us are “in love” with it. It will get used though. 
Bonobos Anchor Chief Pocket Square (cute Anchor Chief instead of Handkerchief!) – A gentleman’s wardrobe requisite, made from 100% cotton, with a handsome nautical print. 
My husband got his first suit about six months ago, and while he has limited opportunity to wear it we are not against having a second pocket square for him to choose from. My husband loves high fashion items and so he was pleased with this. 
Honestly I do hope he gets the leather bracelet next month, he is totally into bracelets these days, but we are thrilled with the pocket square too. 
I can’t wait to see what else Birchbox man comes out with for their premium item. Each month the guys get something pretty cool. My husbands past box had some super nice looking earbuds in them. They had this wood grain appearance, I stole them. 
I am really quite happy I re-subscirbed him. He deserves to be pampered, he works hard, and enjoys fashion, skin care, and such, so he should get his own box too. 
The men’s Birchbox is 20.00 per month, twice as much as the women’s box, but then again they do always get one premium item so that is cool, and worth the extra money. 
Don’t forget if you are going to subscribe to please use my referral link and the 10.00 code BBPLUS100 at checkout! 

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