Beauty Box 5 Limited Edition Box

Beauty Box 5 has just announced its Limited Edition Box! Get it while you can ladies! I am on a spending hiatus right now so I will have to suffer, but if you can grab one please do! It should be amazing! 

$138 worth of makeup for just $49 is a steal, but when we really love a cosmetic line, we can’t help ourselves! This Luxury Limited Edition box features extravagant products by one of our all-time favorite high-end brands!
We’re keeping the exact brand name a secret, but here’s what we can tell you-
  • It’s one of the best professional lines.
  • Their pretty packaging is to-die-for.
  • Their high-quality makeup stays on all day!
  • We’ve previously featured one of their products in our monthly boxes, and it was a huge hit.
This collection is all full-sized products- all makeup!- by the same brand, and we just know you’re going to love it, too.
Shop before we run out! This pretty deal- $138 worth of high-end goodies for $49- won’t last forever!

I did some googling and found a couple lines that it could be – but I will let it remain a surprise just in case I am right. If one of my suspicions is correct I am going to cry for not being able to get it. Seriously BEAUTIFUL packaging! If it is the other line I suspect I will still be pretty bummed but I may not cry – I said I MAY NOT – I still may. 

Grab them up girls! Either way it sounds like a great deal! 

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