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So everyone is doing it, even celebrities, making posts, or videos about what’s in their bag. I have thought off and on about this but you know what, I want to do it to. Why? Because all of us are curious on some level, and well I just think it is so funny how different a 40 something’s bag is compared to younger people, and college students, who are the main people doing it. So why let the kids have all the fun? Lets look at What’s In My Bag (said in a game show announcer voice of course)…

So first the bag!

You have seen this bag before in another post when I talked about what I wore out. This bag is called Red by Marc Ecko. No, I have not got around to swapping bags to a less fancy one yet. 

Oh Look! Its a receipt! I shipped a prize today to one of my blog readers. Honestly, I was shocked I didn’t have over fifty receipts in my bag, but then I remembered, I had tossed a bunch when I swapped another bag out for this one last week when I went to dinner.

An over stuffed wallet with cards, mostly frequent shopper, and rewards cards sticking out the side. Glamorous isn’t it! 

Okay I’ll admit, this is rather glamorous. My Versace sunglasses! Love them so much. Got them on Ebay, the frames that is – and had the lenses put in by my eye doctor since I need prescription. This is the nicest pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. The only reason for the brand is due to having had eye surgery several times already and needing a pretty intense prescription. Sad isn’t it that it takes something like that to get oneself something really nice! Noticing from the photo there is some kind of red mark on my case, which is probably coming off from the red fabric liner inside my purse. Damn you Marc Ecko! 

Haha, anyone over 40 or so should get this one! No the Bayer is not simply for headaches! Heart attacks run in my family, so I am prepared! Besides maybe someone else will need it and I can be the heroine! Then we have coconut scented nail polish remover wipes. Have never needed to use them but they smell great! 

Another bad photo here, but of course a small brush, a nail care kit, and a mini travel whatchamacallit. Fuzz taker offer, cat hair remover, LINT BRUSH that is it. Dang see what happens when you hit 40! Your mind just slips at times. I am only teasing, I have always been rather spaced out. 

A smushed Snickers bar, in case of a low blood sugar (type 1 diabetic), Altoids for dragon breath, and an Epi Pen, which I have not needed one since I was in my 20’s but let me tell you if you ever need one, you NEED one, so I carry one for myself or someone else perhaps, again heroine on the go. 

Why yes, it is a smoke alarm! Doesn’t everyone carry one of these in their bag? Actually I bought too many and need to return this. Let’s see how long that takes me. 

Sanitizing stuff for hands which is a total necessity, red glossy lip color, a hair pick, soothing earth toned lip balm, brown glossy lip stuff, and Dolce & Gabbana Le Eau De One or something french like that, my all time signature scent in roller ball form. 

Always have a water bottle with me, for either myself, or the car if needed, and my glucose checker and yes eweeee that may be a small blood stain on it, or that damn Marc Ecko rubbing off on things again. Hey Marc, stop rubbing off! 

And lastly, 2 tide pens, a less expensive spray perfume, poo-pourri (if you have not heard of this you are not experiencing life in all its forms), a nail file because the nail care kit does not have one, go figure, a simple lip balm, and an almost used up peach colored (for my more natural looking days) Stilia lip color pen. 
So that about sums things up! Fancy huh! Personally, I think what pockets your stuff is in is as important as what you have in the bag itself! I keep all the emergency items easy to locate, the make up items in a pocket, the practical non emergency items in another pocket, such as poo-pourri, and hand sanitizer stuff, along with tide pens but those can also go in the ER pocket as well if you prefer. Then again so could the poo-pourri. 
So that was my fun “whats in my bag” post. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you feel better about your own bag now! I would love to know what you think about what’s in my bag! Feel free to make fun, I mean comment below.
As always, Stay Stylish! 

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