What I Wore Out

My husband and I do not get to go out very often, not to a place where we can really dress up anyway. I have only a couple fancier, but not formal dresses in my closet and have been dying to wear this dress since I got it in a LeTote shipment over two months ago. 

My Demure Look 

The dress is by BCBGeneration and sells on LeTote for 67.00 at member price, listed at 98.00 on LeTote at non-member price. I looked it up online elsewhere and it was around 108.00 so either way, member or not, LeTote has the best price on this dress. This dress style is very flattering to many body types. 

From Little Black Bag

The necklace is a statement piece I love, and was a steal on Little Black Bag, sadly no longer in business, for 10.00 but you can find necklaces like this at a lot of online, and local shops for around 25.00. 

From Little Black Bag 
The shoes are by La Pour Victoire and can be found on Ebay from around 60.00 to 125.00. The original price of these shoes new listed around 389.00 when they first came out but once again I snagged them at an amazing discount of only 10.00 on Little Black Bag! I really miss that website! These are the priciest shoes I own and I paid less for them than most of the shoes I have! 
The Whole Look
The back is called Red by Mark Echo, cost around 60.00 but I bought mine for 40.00 from someone who snagged it on Little Black Bag for 10.00. She made a fair profit and I got a great deal! 
Last we have the bracelet which was on clearance at Coldwater Creek 90% off costing me under 4.00! 

ColdWater Creek Bracelet
131.00 Total Paid for an outfit regularly priced at 622.00
Hair was styled by me, I did a Blow Out. 
Slight Curtsey
It was a fun evening out and we took time to pose for a few photos:
Whoops almost too much! 

So serious! 

That’s More Fun! 
I love getting good deals, I love getting great deals even more! I find I get the best deals when I am not looking for something specific so if you see something that grabs you, and you question if you will have a place to wear it, go ahead and get it, especially if the deal is amazing like the ones I got! The way I see it is if you have no place to wear it to, maybe you need to be creating a situation where you can wear it! Fashion can inspire us to get out in the world, manifest good times, and have a little more fun! 

Thank you for reading my blog and Stay Stylish! 

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