Vintage Beauty…Orange Flip Moon Drops Lipstick by Revelon

Has a cosmetic item every inspired you? Has a product ever become like an icon to you, or like your personal statement, what you are known for? Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I was known as the girl who wore the orange lipstick, and not in a bad way. Friends thought I was bold, fearless, and outgoing, all which back in those days I was! 

Not just any orange lip stick would do however, my claim to fame was called Orange Flip, by Revlon from the Moon Drops line.  Orange Flip and I became synonymous, the lip color was my calling card, and in a way my muse! You see, Orange Flip, for me, speaks to a generation, a time in my life when things were crazy, cool, fun, fashionable, and new. That time frame in my life was when I was shedding my 70’s upbringing and my parent’s style, discovering Madonna, fashion, and learning to make my own way in the world. It was a time of change, and declaration of self. 

As a writer I have written a few books, but the one novel I am waiting to write once my children are fully established, and I have more time for reflection and focus, will be titled, Orange Flip and it won’t be for the faint of heart! 

Here is my all time favorite lip color:

I may not be the most complimentary color with my fair complexion and maybe back then I spent more time in the sun, but one reason I wore it was because it was zany, unexpected, and in a strange yet cool way, imperfect, like me. 
What cosmetic items remind you of a transformation time in your life? Has a makeup product ever inspired you in any way or brought back memories? I would love to hear about it in the comments below! 
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