Two Faced Better Than False Lashes Review

Better than false lashes … really? Well not in the experience of myself and my daughter! Okay in all fairness we do not use false lashes so its not like we can make a true comparasion. However, we have seen people wearing false lashes and it does not look anything like this! 

Trust me, my daughter knows how to apply mascara, she is 19 and totally “in the know” when it comes to cosmetics! She turned me onto Benefit They’re Real mascara and we both love it. Yesterday we went to Beauty Brands to look for a few items and saw this mascara, so she decided to try it out. 

She took the time to remove her existing mascara, applied this and the results were both shocking and hilarious! The mascara clumped, got all over, stung her eyes, and stuck her lashes together! That was the main issue she had, the sticking together of her lashes as it really hurt! 
Now I know this is a sample and maybe it had been sitting out too long, or maybe some sort of measures beyond the control of Benefit Cosmetics caused this to occur but I doubt it. 
Here are more photos:
You can see we at least had a good laugh over it! 
I think that this mascara is Too Faced’s answer to Benefits They’re Real but in our humble opinion there is no comparison. They’re Real is the clear winner. 
Now before people comment or email me saying she didn’t use the product right, or she needs some other product applied before using this product, or whatever, please keep in mind that if a mascara takes so much TLC to apply we may as well use false lashes in the first place. We both use Benefits mascara,  daily, and never have had to work hard to make our lashes look amazing. For that matter, when we run dry on They’re Real, and have to use a back up mascara, those work fine as well, although we do prefer Benefit over other brands. 
So, have you used Better Than False Lashes from Too Faced? If so what did you think of it? Comment below and let me know. 
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