ThredUp Closet Clean Out and Invite Coupon

ThredUp is an online resell site for fashion. I have bought clothing there before and have been happy with my purchases. They are very careful as to what they will accept from others who are selling. They also offer a closet clean out service, which is how they get the items they have listed for sale. I have decided to give the clean out service a try. Right now they are really wanting handbags and shoes as they just recently added the sale of these items to their site. I am sending two pair of shoes that have never been worn as they did not fit me, but I don’t think I can part with any bags right now. I am also sending some clothing. Usually I donate items I no longer need or want but I wanted to try this service as a means to spread the word if the experience is a good one. 

Here is how it works: 
(screen shot from their website)

When you click to order a bag this screen pops up (another screen shot)

As you can see they warn us! I did not ask for return on my items they won’t take. I am risking it, praying they accept at least my designer shoes! If they do not sure I will be a bit miffed as they are brand new, completely unworn, except for nano seconds to try on and realize there was no way they would work. I would understand if they did not accept one of my items because it was ordered from one of those Asian shops online, no brand name, but it is super cute. Either way, I take my risk and will deal with the outcome. 
Letting them know what you are sending them helps them know what size of bag to send you I guess. As I said this is my first time, so hopefully the bag they send me is large enough for two pair at least. I may find more stuff to send while I am waiting. 
Generally they charge a 4.95 fee for you to get a bag, but right now that fee is waived! I have no idea how long this will last so if you want to give it a try now is the time to do it. 
Once they have received your bag, and selected the items they are willing to sell on their site you have two options. You can either use the money on their site, or request cash payment. 
There are a lot of other details involved, such as Upfront payout, for items valued undere 40.00 or Consignment for items over 40.00 but for now I am not stressing about the details and just going to give it a try. I will post a new article once I have had this experience, and share with you my thoughts in the form of a ThredUp Closet Clean Out Review. 
If you would like to order a Clean Out bag for yourself, or shop at ThredUp please feel free to use my referral link here which gives you 10.00 to spend and me 10.00 in return once you spend your 10.00! Pretty fair deal, especially since they have items starting at only 4.99! 
So I am looking forward to this experience and looking forward even more to sharing my experience with you! 
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