The Blow Out, How To and Why You Want To Do It!

Have you ever noticed that when you get your hair done in a salon you look amazing! Your hair is full of bounce and life, it shines, and you just wonder, “Why don’t I ever look this way when I do my hair at home?” 

Well there is really no mystery. Granted good hair products do help, but you can get those as well, and maybe because of how great your hair looks you do buy some of the overpriced salon products. This is the trick that all stylists know! A good blow out makes all the difference and boosts product sales!

You may notice you get your hair styled even if you only pay for a simple cut, but you feel special because you assume the hair stylist just liked you and wanted to give you a little extra attention. Okay not to steal your thunder, maybe your stylist did just like you a lot, but most of the time they want to make sure you walk out looking your absolute best, and hopefully in the process boost product sales! It works often! So what is the magic ingredient to a wonderful salon look? It is all in the blow out! 

The Blow Out and Why You Want to do it!

I have particularly thin, fine, flat hair. I have baby hair basically, with no bounce, no body, nothingness. It lies perfectly flat unless I take time with it. A good blow out can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour of your time but is worth the results, and if you do it well, it can last several days unless you wash your hair daily. 

Even if you sleep on it you will find that your hair has more fullness and life than had you not done the blow out. 

Basically all a blow out is, is a blow dry, but it is all in the way you do it! Granted blow drying one’s hair can be done simply to get the hair dry, and often times we do this in a rush out the door, but if you take time, give yourself a good blow out in the evening when maybe you have more time to fuss with your hair, it will still look amazing for the next several days! 

How to do the Blow Out: 

All you need is a hair dryer, some styling product for your type of hair, I prefer Alterna Caviar CC cream which I buy online at Sephora, and a round brush. My round brush is small in diameter due to that I have shorter hair, if your hair is long you can get a larger diameter brush. 

Caviar CC Cream
My Preferred Blow Out Product

1. Start with hair that is towel dried.

2. Put in product making sure there is product on all of your hair from roots to ends. 

3. Using your fingers at the roots of your hair blow dry on a lower level setting, hot, but not full speed ahead. Give your hair some lift at the roots by pulling gently upward with your fingers due to that no brush can truly get close enough to get your roots fluffed up. Don’t worry about getting the roots totally dry, but do get fairly close. 

4. Grab that round brush. Now some people with thicker hair may need to start by sectioning their hair out, so if you do have thick full hair, make sections, but if your hair is fine like mine, it is hard to even section it! Using your brush take about a 2 inch section of hair or less if your hair is too thick, and tightly wind the brush up. I will admit, when I first started using a round bush I tangled my hair pretty badly. You may want to practice slowly before trying to achieve the perfect blow out.

Note: One key factor here is a good bush. Stylists say that different brushes work better on different hair types. I like a synthetic brush personally, and have found round brushes with plastic bristles do not catch in my hair as easily. You may have to try a few to find one you love or as your stylist.

5. Use the brush with dryer, pointing in a downward direction. Back in the day we always tipped out heads over and blow dried from underneath to get a fluffy effect but stylists say that doing it in a downward motions helps with frizz, plus try using your round brush upside down! Truly the brush method gives a better look, and more control. Make sure you pull the hair really tight as you dry, following the brush with the dryer.

5. The last step is to lock in the blow out with a blast of cool air. The best way to do this is by re-drying each section with it back up in the brush on a cool setting, which most hair dryers have. Or alternatively you can just give a quick blow over all of your hair with the dryer on a cool low setting. Either way this burst of cool hair helps set the hair and also adds to the shine of your locks!

After you are done with your blow out you can continue to style as usual. I use a flat iron to flip my ends, or curl them under, and to give more lift to the back of my hair, and crown. You may find you do not want to do anything else to your shiny new blow out! Unless I am going out usually the blow out alone is all I need.

I know it seems crazy that you can now go sleep on your fresh blown out locks, but you can, and you will find that you wake the next day, unless you have some nights like mine where you toss and turn endlessly, that your hair is still bouncy and full. Even when you toss and turn your hair will be fuller, and seem thicker too! You may have to add more serum, or cream, to your hair to tame the wild willies that come with a toss and turn night, but you will at least have a lively set of locks!

Give it a try and comment below letting me know your experience, or if blow outs are already your thing, leave us a few of your tips and tricks!

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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