Sweet Finds: Olay 4 in 1 Facial Cleaning Cloths Review

Every now and then I come across a new product that I think is a pretty sweet find! I was browsing the clearance section at a local store the other day and found this gem sitting there for only two dollars and fifty cents so I snagged a couple. One of them went into a beauty swap box group I am involved in and the other I kept for myself. I tried them out the first night and loved them! Now I am not saying these should replace your regular skin care routine, I really do not have that much faith in the way my skin would compare to my regular skin care maintenance, but I am saying these are a god-send for those days, or nights, you really just don’t have the energy to cleanse your skin the way you should. So instead of skipping my skin care routine entirely, leaving the dirt and grim, let alone germs from the day on my face, packed in with makeup, I am using these! 

My Olay 4 in 1 cloths even came in this cute little box! 

I am sure that there are other products like this on the market but this is the first time I have used anything like it. The cloth is a good size and you can rise and wring it several times. When you first moisten it there are plenty of moisturizing suds that take the day off of your face! It removes make up very well and cleanses your skin wonderfully. The cloth also works as an exfoliate too! So you get make up removal, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing – hence 4 in 1. As you continue to rise and wring the cloth it becomes clear of all the ingredients leaving you with a wash cloth to rise and finish getting the product off your face. 

It is important to note how sturdy and strong these cloths are. I was really expecting them to fall apart but they never did. I could even reuse them for wiping up the wash area of my splashes when I was done and they were still in tact! 

They also have this product in a sensitive skin line as well. 

So a thumbs up to Olay for a great product to use when I am too tired and lazy to use my regular skin care routine. 

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