Review of My Second Stitch Fix Experience

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Stitch Fix is a system where you are assigned a stylish / personal shopper to select clothing items for you based on  your measurements, style profile, and comments you make to the stylist from their website. They will then send you your “fix” either monthly, or intermittently depending on what you choose. You can schedule a fix anytime as long as they have openings for the time you desire. There is sometimes a wait list. 

If you go back to my first review of Stitch Fix you will see that I had mixed feelings about what I got. This month I gave Stitch Fix another try and have very different feelings! Good feelings! 

I want to stress that with Stitch Fix the process is highly interactive. You really will want to make sure you create a Pintrest board of clothes you love! Even more important is to go select items that Stitch Fix stocks to add to your Pintrest list! 

The problem for some may be that this is a multistep process to do it perfectly. I found that Stitch Fix has a Polyvore board where they list all of their in stock items. From there you can directly pin to your Pintrest board but you first need a Polyvore account. Okay so maybe it is not that difficult but it is a couple extra steps to get the biggest chance of getting things you love. On the other hand, some of us like to be totally surprised so this isn’t something you have to do but it will increase the chances of you wanting to keep your entire fix, and by doing so getting a nice discount! This is Stitch Fix’s Polyvore board. Now you can also do a search in Pintrest itself for “stitchfix” items but you will end up having to filter through a ton of people’s pins, seeing a lot of the same items over and over. Either way I did create a Pintrest before this fix, not even using the Polyvore board and my fix was a lot better than my first one! Since my most recent fix I have also started using their Polyvore board to add to my Pintrest and I can only imagine my fix will be even better! 

So this month Natalie was my stylist, and I have requested her again in my next fix which I have scheduled out for October. I wish I could do a fix every month but lets face it, that just isn’t always in a person’s budget! These are the items Natalie selected for me and you can also see the personal note she sent as well.

Review of My Second Stitch Fix Experience

And here the clothes are on me. 

Review of My Second Stitch Fix Experience

Review of My Second Stitch Fix Experience
And the accessory they selected for me:
Review of My Second Stitch Fix Experience
I absolutely love every single item! The only thing I would have changed is the earrings in gold rather than silver but Natalie had no idea I have way too many silver drop style earrings. She knows now as I have let her know in my style profile that I would like gold drop and no more silver drop. That is the cool thing about Stitch Fix, you can tell them what you do and do not want! 
The lavender blouse, by 41Hawthorn, which really is more to a pink tone, is so perfect. I have been looking for a blouse to wear with my maxi skirt for a while now and this worked perfectly. 
The Hourglass Lily Geo Printed Shift Dress fits my figure to a T. 
Love the feminine print on the Kut from the Kloth blouse and the tie waist helps accentuate my lack of a waistline. 
The Just Black jeans are an absolute perfect fit and will obviously go with so many tops that I already own and go well with both blouses in my fix. 
Finally, even though I did not need any more silver drop earrings, I do love the infinity design of these and Zad is one of my favorite jewelry designers. 
Natalie really hit the mark with me on this fit and has really made me look forward to my next one. Just keep in mind the more you help your stylist, the more they can help you. Looking back, I really do not feel they were too far off on my first fix, considering I gave them little to nothing to go on. 
Thank you for reading my blog, and Stay Stylish! 

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