Mindy Kaling Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me Book Review

I do not post book reviews normally, although this may not be my last. I received this book from Birchbox in their monthly Twitter book giveaway. I guess it is kind of like Oprah’s book club or something, I was not really aware of it to be honest, but happened upon a tweet, so gave it a chance, and won! The timing of getting this book was not excellent to say the least, I had just started the launch of this blog and was knee deep in writing and learning the in’s and out’s of beauty blogging. However, this book did provide a great break from the madness! I needed a good book for that. Books are amazing, they force you to step outside of yourself even if just for a chapter or two! Which brings me to my only real “complaint” about the book, which really isn’t much of one. The book is a series of short essays by Mindy about her life, growing up, college, being fat, (her words not mine) you name it. There is a lack of true chapters. No “Chapter Five” announcement to let you know you have succeed in another step forward. I am big on rewards, or validation, and well, I missed that sense of accomplishment with each essay, or “chapter” starting out with nothing more than the name of the next essay, which was always funny, or revealing, or informative for sure, but where was MY reward, that ability to say to myself “Wow I am on Chapter 10 already – GO ME!” Now, if you are smirking even a little bit, keep in mind that Mindy herself pokes a lot of fun at herself in this book, much like I just did about my need for acknowledgment of small successes. That is probably why I enjoyed Mindy’s book so much, she reminded me of myself. That is the catch though! Mindy is every girl’s girl, or every woman’s woman, whatever you prefer. I am not the first, no will I be the last blogger, or book reviewer to say “Oh Mindy!!! We could be sisters! I am so so much like you!” I think that is the rub, we are all a little like Mindy deep down, and maybe deep down is where that should stay as there is a darkness in there, somewhere. 

My entire family has a dry, wry, dark sense of humor, and the ability to laugh at ourselves has probably been what has kept a great number of us alive as long as we have been. I see that in Mindy, but I also think that it is common amongst those in comedy. We (people, not just comedians) have to be able to make light of the darker things in life. 

One chapter did touch me however, okay I will admit, I teared up a little, it is section 2, essay 4, titled after the book itself, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” (Or, How I Made my First Real Friend.) I just looked that up in order to reference what area of the book made me cry, I mean tear up, okay cry, because again, NO CHAPTERS! Regardless, as you can see, it is aptly named, if a chapter / I mean section is going to make a person cry, it may as well be the essay the book is named for. Good job Mindy, you made someone cry. I liked it though so it is okay. 

Not only did this book make me cry but it made me crack up a few times too. A few chuckles, and a few belly laughs, as each bring a totally different sensation, thus release of endorphins, and since I spend 99.9% of my life sitting behind a computer I can use some endorphin releasing now and then! I can’t remember exactly where I laughed, and honestly, it is too much work to reference the essay, and section number, (hint use chapters next time please), but really the book is great. 

Oh for the record, I watched the office some, never have watched the show Mindy is in, what is it the Mindy Project I think, and I am not a fan girl, but nonetheless this book touches on some things that almost any woman, who has had any type of life at all, could relate to. 

I will admit, I did not read the book from front to back, in fact I read the last chapter … uggg PART of the book first because I wanted to be sure I knew how it ended. Which reminds me, I really loved one of her last passages regarding strict instructions for her funeral. I have something worked up regarding my own funeral but it is a little sick in most people’s opinions. The one thing I envy most about Mindy is her closeness to her parents. I think overall, even through the tongue in cheek humor, her relationship with them speaks volumes. 

Great Book, best enjoyed with a cup of tea.

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