LeTote Second Review

LeTote offers a unique service because you rent the items you receive before you buy them. If you don’t like them you do not have to buy them at all because LeTote is actually aiming for those who just want to rent and return clothing. You can keep the items as long as you want before returning with a monthly service fee of 49.00 keeping your closet always full and ever changing. Their shipping is lightening fast – 2 days each way and it is included in the monthly fee. 

I have used LeTote off and on for a while now and have purchased several great things from them. Sometimes it is hit and miss but that is the glory of this program, if you don’t like it return if, if you like it you can keep it and wear it as long as you want, then send it back, if you love it, you can buy it at a discount. Granted you do have to return the entire tote in one shipment so if you only like one or two items you are kind of stuck with the others until you are done with it all. They also include two accessories as well. 

For the record they also offer an accessory only program but I have not tried that yet. The cost for the accessory program is only 19.00 per month. 

So here are some of the most recent items I have received from LeTote:

So lets start with the accessories – easy for me – No Thank you. I have way too many silver drop earrings, and I was really not that into the bracelet. Nothing bad about either but neither wow’d me enough to pay for them even though they were not expensive items.

Then we have the Romper which I am skipping to talk about until later. 

The blouse pictured in the upper right was nothing to get excited about. Looks great on the model but the one I got looked like it had been washed and it says “dry clean only”. Trust me I have tired (in the past) washing dry clean only items and it just does not work out well. It was also just sort of dull and lack luster for me.

The last item shown (lower left) was cute enough I really loved the texture on it, photo does it no justice, but I am just a little too busty for this one. I was scared I was not going to be able to get it off once I had it on. I think if I were looking for a top to wear to the renaissance festival this would fit the bill as it was more like a corset on me. Not their fault though. May have considered keeping if it fit better. 

Now the romper – Oh how I wish I looked better in this piece! I mean I looked okay but it was a little small on me, and I can’t say I truly felt comfortable in it.
It is the one item I actually wore out of the house as I like to do turn around on my bag fast since I don’t care to rent and am looking to buy. Also I had the best accessories to wear with it! I wore it to take some things to my daughter at her sorority house, which basically meant no one really saw me in it but my husband who took the photos below, and my daughter. My husband said he didn’t care for it on me and my daughter said I had arrows pointing to my vagina, (its true). It just didn’t quite make the cut. I have however wanted to try a romper for ages! I am so glad I finally got to try one and wear it for awhile without having to buy it! I think I can wear one, but it has to fit just right. I hear a lot of women complain that they have too long of a torso for rompers, whereas I have no torso at all, nor waist, so as far as my figure goes I can do it, but this one was just not perfect. Its sad too because I love the print even if it points to my vagina! 

So the romper was almost a keeper but sadly is going back. I would love to get it again in a size larger! 
All in all this shipment was a fail but in four days I will have a replenishment on clothing to try on and it is always exciting to see what they will send next! This goes back to them tomorrow and I should have a new report for you on Friday of the next batch of clothing from LeTote. 
If you are considering ordering from LeTote yourself please use my referral link.
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