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I have not yet reviewed LeTote on my blog yet but it is due time for me to do so. I am a big advocate of LeTote because they offer a unique service. With LeTote you can rent clothing for a monthly service fee, and return them to get new items. They offer lightening fast 2 day shipping and 2 day returns, which they pay for both ways. That means you can turn over your clothing super fast if you do not like what they send you, and get new things! If you like what they send you, you can keep them as long as you want! Also, if you really love something they send you, you can buy it at a steep discount! 

Personally, I am looking for that diamond, that one item, or two, that I need to work with things I already have, or an outfit that completes a look I want. Basically, I am not too into the rental of clothing because I am really just getting started renewing my wardrobe, from a stay at home work at home mother who didn’t think she needed to look fashionable, to a woman who cares about her looks. Not to say I didn’t care before, but like a lot of women who have been busy with their children, I simply didn’t take the time to care. If you read my blog you know, that in my younger years I was all about fashion, “in the know” so being able to try clothes, at no risk, is a great thing for me. I am relearning my body, my own personal style, and if you are anywhere near like I am, this is something you should try! 

So here are some of the most recent items I have received from LeTote

Okay, I will tell you right now, I was not impressed with this shipment, but before you get worried about their service I will show you soon, some of the items I loved enough to buy! This shipment just didn’t thrill me. Maybe because I know that LeTote can, and has wow’d me in the past. Nothing was really wrong with these items, but nothing made my heart go pitter patter either. Too simplistic perhaps, but I also didn’t care of the material of these tops, which were all the same material. Also I like a little more than just tops in my shipment. Either way this is getting returned tomorrow, I just got it today, it will be back to them in two days and they will immediately send me out another shipment, which I will get in two days, so you see, a four day turn around for another chance to be wow’d! How cool is that!? And I do not pay anymore than I already have which by the way, I have not told you, here is what your box costs to rent your items each month, no matter how many times you return and get more.

Yes that is right, they have an accessory only option as well! 
So just how do they know what to send you? First there is a Style Profile, you let them know what sizes you generally wear, your measurements, if you wear jewelry or not, and preferences in regard to fashion and styling. Also they have all of their clothing on their website, which you look through and love items that you would like to be sent.  These items go into your virtual closet! You can add items or take items out as you wish. They will also email you when new items are added to their site if you opt in for emails, that way you never miss out on adding a new fashion to your virtual closet! 
After you get your shipment you should go in and rate your tote that way their stylists knows more about why you did, or did not like an item. This helps them send you items you like better next time. 
Another nifty thing I like about LeTote is that sometimes they will surprise you with an email letting you know that you are getting an extra bonus item in your tote! Generally  you start off with anywhere from four to five items, but the longer you subscribe, or sometimes as a reward for rating items, you will get an extra item or two in your tote. I have noticed as I go along they are frequently sending more and more items my way! 
Here is a screen shot from a shipment I got and loved:
I kept this entire shipment. When I paid for the shipment my next tote was sent out right away still on the same monthly fee as I had already paid since it was in the same month. 
On average, I find at least one item out of every three totes I am sent so that is a pretty good average since I am particular. And if you are simply looking to rent some items, wear them, enjoy them, but not wanting to keep them, I can’t think of a better service out there! 
If you would like to give LeTote a try please use my referral code as it will give me 25.00 in credit toward my totes! That is a pretty good referral credit and you can get the same deal by referring once you are a subscriber!  Plus you get 10.00 in purchase credit right away when you sign up! 
On more note: You can suspend or cancel your subscription anytime so there is no worry on spending more than you can afford.  

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