Happiness Is … Organized Jewelry

Having all of your jewelry organized! 

I took the time the other night to pull out all of my jewelry, and my jewelry cabinet take the time to organize it. One one side I have long necklaces, on the other short necklaces, all items have a perfect place in the drawers. 

I really detest disorganization but am prone to things being that way until I set my mind to getting everything in its place, but once it is it stays that way.

I am happy to say I finally have the organization of my jewelry mastered and I find that getting ready is less of a hassle and I enjoy picking out what jewelry to wear more now too.

Next … my closet! 

Granted not all of my jewelry fit in this cabinet but I have most of my earrings and some bracelets in a bead “tackle box” instead. I will say though, they are indeed organized. 

So happiness is … organized jewels! 

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