Happiness Is … My Beta Fish

So this may be an odd Happiness Is … post as it is rather quite a sad situation. Our Beta fish passed away this past week. He had been a part of our family for a year and two months. We got him from a banquet where he was foolishly used as a centerpiece. There was a sad Beta on every table! One person at every table got to take a fish home, and my daughter got this one, we named him Marvin. 
Marvin was a regular part of my day while my daughter was at college. I fed him, took care of his tank, and I actually talked to him. He loved to play “chase the finger” and would work for his food. I really enjoyed seeing him every day when I woke up. 
The banquet we got him from was part of an organization my daughter belongs to at college and since that banquet they have learned it is not a good thing to use fish as a part of a centerpiece. I am happy to say that Marvin was part of teaching us silly humans a good lesson. This past year there were no live animals used on the tables. 
My daughter’s fish (and mine) lived longer than any other fish taken from the banquet that day. That is a testament to how rough life can be for these Beta as well as the love and care we gave him. 
Marvin was buried outside in his cup we put him in on tank cleaning days with some water in it. Yes call me crazy but that is what I wanted to do. We buried him by our outside fish pond with a glass fish headstone above him.
We have had a hot, very dry summer here lately and the night we buried him we got our first rain in ages! The next morning these flowers had bloomed! Before he was buried I swear these plants looked dry and dead. 
So yes I am happy that we gave this little guy a good life, and that he blessed us with his daily fishy fun. 
Thank you Marvin for brining the rain, and flowers! 

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