Happiness Is … A Well Fitting Tee

A well fitting basic tee shirt! Yes indeed I am picky when it comes to the way a tee fits but when I find one that fits the way I like it to I am quite happy! Happier even still is finding a good one on sale! 

I was able to snag two tees at The Gap a couple of days ago, on clearance 50% off lowest price marked which means I got two tees for a total of five dollars! Oh and I also snagged the shorts for seven bucks! 

Sure this isn’t the ultimate fashion statement or anything but everyone needs some tees they feel comfortable in for kicking around the house. Not too long ago if I was not leaving the house I would stay put in my pajamas or some old dingy tee from the 1980’s with holes in it. I am not Adam Levine so I really can’t get away with that. Since I work from home and rarely leave the house this meant my daily look was ratty tees or pajamas! I made a promise to myself to get dressed every day no matter what so now I can say I at least look decent in my kicking around clothes. 

So for me, happiness is a well fitting comfortable tee, especially when I got it on sale! 

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