Happiness Is … Doing My Own Dishes

A rather simple thought today but truly, it makes me happy that I do not have a machine to wash my dishes anymore. When I moved, to a much nicer place, the one thing lacking was a dishwasher! My husband and I had planned to put one in but there were other things to pay for, and spend money on first. So time has gone by, a couple of months now, and you know what… I don’t really miss the dishwasher at all! In fact, I rather enjoy some decompression time gazing out the window as I wash the dishes. The window looks out onto the road which is tree lined and not too busy, but we get enough traffic to enjoy the view. My neighbor across the street is often in his yard in his motorized chair as he can no longer walk unfortunately. He sits there waving at every passing vehicle, and every passing vehicle honks politely at him and the people in the cars wave hello to him. This alone is a reminder to enjoy the quieter, simpler, moments in life. 

Oh and a gratifying empty sink, dishes all clean, and shiny in the basket next to the sink, that is a great feeling too! 

So today, for me, Happiness Is … doing my own dishes, gazing out the window, the old man across the street, friendly neighbors, and clean dishes! That is a lot for simple isn’t it! 

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