Happiness Is … My Son Using Skin Care Products

Back when I was first getting my husband into proper skin care I purchased him some product from Anthony Logistics. My husband didn’t care for it for his skin so we switched to another product that he now uses. Regardless this almost new set has been sitting around collecting dust. When we moved into a new place and had a second bathroom I put this set in the hall bath just for a place for it to look nice if nothing else. Also I figured if we ever had guests someone else could use it, and well, it made the bathroom look like a fancy hotel bathroom, as silly as that sounds. 

So the other day, I am in the hall bath, instead of our master bath, getting ready, since my husband was asleep having just worked a night schedule. I noticed that the products were getting used! Lo and behold my son has been using the Anthony Logistics line! I am a firm believer that one is never too young to start taking care of their skin and I am so happy to see my son is doing that for himself. I had noticed the other day when I was picking a stray hair from his face that his skin felt really soft but at that time I had no idea he had been using the Anthony products! Clearly this line works well for his skin! 

So for me, today, Happiness Is …

My son taking good care of his skin! 

Stay Stylish! 

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