Happiness Is … A Collection of Fun Socks

A collection of fun socks! 
Okay maybe it is silly but believe it or not ladies not too long ago my entire sock collection was all white socks! You know the kind you pick up at Wallmart, Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, etc. 
It’s like one day I woke up and realized that there were other socks out there in the world! Fun, colorful, stylish socks! Socks that were low cut, ankle length, no show, knee high, what fun! Patterns, dots, flowers, stripes, I even have a pair with owls on them! Thick socks, thin socks, fuzzy socks, socks with toes in them. So many socks! 
I also did not realize that white socks were an eye sore in many occasions! I thought my white socks were a match all thing. I think it was one day when I looked at my husband wearing white socks from Walmart that I noticed they just didn’t look right and from that day on I was all about the stylish sock and of course soon after I got him on board as well!
Some of my fun socks

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    Stay Stylish!

    Indeed Happiness Is … a basket of fun socks. 


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