Happiness Is … Thrift Store Finds

 I love thrift store and antique store shopping! I have bits and bobs of vintage decor all over my home. Its funny but after the purchase, and hanging on the wall or placing in the home, I tend to forget the thrill in finding that perfect item. Every now and then, usually when dusting, I notice these items again, which brings back that feeling of appreciation for the decor, or furnature I bought. 

This is one of the wall hangings I found at a thrift mart, which is a total throw back to the 70’s. It is a resin material, and I think it is a Cherry Blossom tree branch. I love it. 
Part of the fun of vintage and thrift mart shopping is that you are getting a “one of a kind” or at least one of a handful rather than picking up one of twenty on the shelves. When you find that perfect item for you, there is a sort of rush feeling, a lot like finding the perfect outfit! However, once hung on the wall, or placed in its spot in the home one can tend to forget about that rush in the buying moment. I like it when I look at something I had purchased and remember the moment I found it sitting there, unassuming, calling to me to take it home.
Another Antique Shop Find, and something the cat found! 
So for me, today, Happiness Is … a good vintage find! 

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