Happiness Is … A Basket Full of Fruit

A giant basket of fruit! Yeah I know seems rather lame perhaps? Well the thing is I have raised some pretty health conscious young adults! It was rather funny really, my son and I both went to the store on the same day, not knowing the other hand went, and we both came back with a ton of fruit! 

I think it looks pretty sitting in this basket on our buffet table. 

There was a lot more than this but we have snacked a bit on the stash already! We both also picked up a lot of the same veggies as well. There is another basket next to this one with several avacado in it.  We had around 15 bananas but those seem to be the first to go, probably as they are the easiest to eat on the run. 
I love healthful eating habits and try to be good, although I do cheat now and then I am glad that others in my home are eating healthy too. 
So for today Happiness Is … a basket full of fruit.

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