Happiness Is … A Warm Puppy

I was heavily influenced by Snoopy as a young child. I loved all things Charlie Brown! Still going through boxes from the move I found my old friend Snoopy sleeping happily in a box. He is pretty worn and has had his head sewn back on a time or two, and far too fragile to give a good washing, but I still love him. 

I will admit, the inspiration for my daily “Happiness Is…” posts come from this lil guy! Hopefully I am not violating some kind of trademark posting this but if being inspired by something so precious is wrong, I don’t want to be right! 
I don’t believe I would ever be able to part with my stuffed Snoopy, although he is far too grimy to pass down to my grandkids! Maybe the dry cleaners can have a go at him, but only if they can guarantee he won’t be completely destroyed! I would rather keep him “as is” over losing him entirely! Besides his dirt and grime is rather endearing to how much love he has received over the years. 
Snoopy was a gift given to me when I was only two years old, from my God Father, who is now deceased. He and I remained close all through my life. 
So Happiness Is … a warm puppy in the infamous words of Charles M. Schulz. And just for giggles, here is my warm puppy Lyla giving you all a wink:

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