Happiness Is … Books on Shelves

Ever since I was a child I loved to read. I always loved pictures of old libraries, I loved going to the library, heck I even worked in a library for a while. I would not consider myself a book worm, as to be honest, I do not do enough reading, barely any in the past year until very recently. I do however love books, especially leather bound books. I love stately libraries with tall wood shelves, filled with old musty books, pages of mystery to explore. Not to say I only like reading mysteries, I love all genres of books, but any book I have not read is a mystery to be unraveled in some manner. 

I have been a collector of sorts, when it comes to books, although I did end up donating a good 90% of my collection because simply put, I had no where to put them! I always dreamed of having a place to keep more books. Granted I have bought book shelves in the past but my home was always too small for something that was not functional beyond holding items, so the book shelves eventually had to go to make way for other things. 

Well, if you have read any of my other Happiness Is posts you may know I recently moved, and in my new home guess what lines the wall in what we call “the den” … bookshelves!! Okay to clarify, I don’t know if it is really a den, what is a den anyway? It is however a second living space, a family room perhaps, but whatever it is officially, it is to us “the den” and it is now the home to my small, but potentially growing collection of books! 

Here I have homed my childhood books, my children’s childhood books, granted no where near all of them but those that are cherished, a few classics I could not let go of, a few favorite more modern books, my Bible I got when I was confirmed, some books on spirituality, and some resource books, even though we have the Internet these days I feel every home should have a few. You can only see a section of the shelving in this photo as I would have to do a panorama to show you the entire wall. Right now we have family photos and other nicknacks sitting on them. As I acquire more books the family photos will stay, the nicknacks will find another place to “live”. 
I am just so pleased to finally have a place for my books to call home, in a home that I love. 
So for to me, Happiness Is … Books on Shelves! 

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