Happiness Is … Good Coffee

Really GOOD coffee! Yes I am a bit of a coffee snob. I like a lot of the high end brands you can buy at the store, my favorite being Illy, but unfortunately they do not sell the version of their coffee I prefer at our store. I like Starbucks enough but it is not as good as others. 

It’s not just about the coffee though. To me it is all about the process of making it. I will admit, I bought a Krueg coffee maker once, I used it for the simplicity for a couple of years off and on, but there is nothing better than a coffee brewed in a moka pot, a turkish ibrik, a chemex, or a french press! 

My store does also sell my regular brand, which is a local coffee called P.T.’s, but they only carry a few blends so I go directly to the coffee shop to buy it. They offer anywhere from ten to twenty blends at any given time, including organic and fair trade blends. 

I often find myself going without my favorite coffee, and if I can will pick up one of my substitute favorites at the store, but coffee is one of those luxury things for me. Granted its just coffee but it is a habit that can easily become an expensive endeavor, especially since I can’t control myself in a coffee shop anymore than I can at a beauty supply shop! I refuse to “make due” with a regular brand, I just can’t. 
So finally my love and I are reunited! Speaking of love, my husband does not share my enthusiasm for coffee sadly. He does not even drink it. He does however love the smell. I don’t understand that but it is what it is. Oh well, more for me, although I do wish we could sit together in the morning, sipping a cup watching the sunrise together, like in a commercial. Haha, I shall survive. 
So for me, today, Happiness Is … quality coffee. 

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