Happiness Is … Summer Rain and a Dry Porch Swing

I love rain. Storms, summer showers, gloomy rainy days, any type of rain makes me happy. I especially love it since our recent move. We have so many types of pretty trees, so many wild animals that make the view of nature all the more exciting. I also love my little water pond, with lotus plants and goldfish. Its so pretty to watch the rain hitting the water. 

What I love even more is having an overhang that covers my favorite place to sit, making it possible for me to sit outside and stay dry while I watch the rain. 

I have always wanted a porch swing and perhaps that sounds silly but I absolutely love them! There is something so comforting about a swing. When we looked at this house I asked the realtor to ask the owners if they could leave the swing. Maybe they had already planned to, but I wanted to be sure to ask for it, just in case that was not their intention. They probably thought I was crazy considering people generally ask for more “important” items or projects when negotiating a home, but that was one of the main things that mattered to me. Not that them saying no would have been a deal breaker but I was so happy when they said it would stay. 
So today, to me, happiness is a summer rain and a dry porch swing. 

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