Happiness Is … Vanilla Bean Sugar

I have decided to begin a new thread on my blog called Happiness Is … 

Each day I will write a short post on something that makes me happy.

Some days it will be fashion related but most of the time I imagine it will be something random. 

Since often we take the small things for granted I wanted to remind myself of the little things I love, appreciate, adore, enjoy, but are all too often forgotten.

Today I was washing dishes and looked over on my spice rack and saw this:

As you can see from the purchase date noted on the lower left side I have had it around awhile now. I don’t know why I keep forgetting I have it. Any time I go and get an “expensive coffee” with my daughter at a local coffee shop, or Starbucks, I always look for things like this, or nutmeg, or chocolate sprinkles, or cinnamon. I love adding fun stuff to my coffee. I make coffee daily at home which I don’t mind bragging rivals any coffee shop, but I have totally forgotten I have fun goodies like this to add to my coffee. 
So today this is my Happiness Is … Vanilla Bean Sugar from Savory Spice Shop
Tomorrow, I will use this in my coffee. 
Thank you Vanilla Bean Sugar
(no referral links used – I was not compensated for this review)

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