Fingernail Issus The Ups and Downs of Good Nails

I have a confession, its not the worst confession one could make, but as a beauty blogger it is a little embarrassing, I have bad fingernails. I know right! Now that you are all done gasping in horror, let me explain. My nails are very thin, and they peel, and I do not take care of them regularly the way that I should. Also, I do not like my nails to be too long because I can’t function with them like that. Long nails make it hard for me to type, let alone zip up a zipper. So basically I aim for nails that are shorter, but still well manicured, and cared for, but even at that I fail often. 

Right now, I am back on the bandwagon of taking care of my nails again. I am buffing them, paying attention to cuticles, shaping, and applying product. 

I do not have a problem biting my nails but I can not stand it when there is even the slightest rough edge. If I do not have a file on me at that moment I will clip the entire tip of the nail off, and if I do not have a file, I have then went as far as using my teeth to either get it even again or bite it down. I am a bit OCD in that area. 

When I am taking care of my nails, some of my favorite nail care items are:

CND Stickey is an amazing product! I got mine on Ebay. You put this on before your polish and it adheres to your nail, and allows the polish to stay longer as well. I notice a marked difference in how long my polish lasts when I forget to use this before the color! 

By no means is this one of the nail colors out there but I do love this product when I am in a rush! I do not have a steady hand, painting my nails is a chore for me, so I turn to this easy to apply polish when I want to get my nails colored quickly. It paints on evenly, and dries super fast! It also has a pretty metallic finish. Down side is you are lucky if it lasts for two days. 

From Sephora is this handy corrector pen. It comes with three extra tips, I suggest you buy extra if you are like me and make a lot of mistakes! This is good for around the nail bed when you paint just a little outside the nail itself. 

Another product from CND is Solar Speed Spray. This stuff gets your nail color dry fast! It also smells amazing – like amaretto! 
Another Sephora item by OPI is this great cuticle exfoliant which I honestly forgot I had and desperately need to use again! It works very well! 
Another must have item in my nail stuff collection is Karma Naturals Nail Polish Remover. I will warn you, it takes a little more time to remove your polish with this but it is worth it! Your nails will thank you for it! Not only does it remove the polish but it also conditions your nails with the goodness of Tea Tree oil! 
A crystal nail file is an absolute necessity for me. I am reaching for mine several times a week! Nothing will give you smother edges than this baby! I prefer the Sephora OPI crystal nail file but in a pinch any crystal file will do. They last forever too. 
The last must have item in my nail goodies stash is this amazing diamond foot buffer. It is made with real crushed diamonds, therefore not inexpensive but if you have rough skin on your feet like I do you must invest in one of these, from Sephora. 

I am no aficionado when it comes to nail care, but I do know good product. I am working it out though, and giving my cuticles and nails the attention they deserve. The good thing is they are forgiving, and it does not take too long to get them back into shape. 
What are you nail woes? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Tips are also welcome! 
Thank you for reading my blog, and …
Stay Stylish! 

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