Fashion as a Hobby?

Sure! Why not? Some people may think with all the stuff going on in the world that people who are into fashion may seem shallow but to me it is no different than people who enjoy golfing, or reading, or crafting. Granted reading is good for the mind but I have done a lot of reading since becoming more interested in fashion! To me, fashion is an outlet from stress, although the mall can also at times be stressful! Fashion is a means to keep on top of our health as well because knowing about skin care is important. Feeling good about ourselves is important. Staying in touch with our bodies is important, and all of these things fall in line with fashion in some way. 
Fashion is not just about what shoes to wear with a specific dress. Fashion is about so many other things! Another thing I have learned is that everyone enjoys fashion even if they deny it. You may not think that a “biker chick” is into fashion but you will see her wearing things that make a statement to the type of people she wants to attract. Just like a “preppy” will wear clothing to attract the people she wishes to socialize with. Everyone has a statement that they make with their clothing, even that one woman who seems to not care about herself at all when it comes to how she dresses. I am sure most everyone has known a person like this at some point in their lives. Even that person is making a statement about herself be it that she is against the culture of consumerism, or that she has low self esteem. So fashion is and has always been a sociological and socioeconomic “thing”. 
Regardless, fashion, as a hobby works for me. I enjoy getting away from my typical work day, I like having something extra to do on the side, I also enjoy learning more about my body type and how to look my best. Plus, with styles always changing, I never get bored. 
I am certainly not a diva, and I by no means have an elaborate wardrobe, nor am I as knowledgeable as some about whats “in” but I do feel a lot better about myself since taking better care of my skin, my hair, and what I wear. It is much better than having a mid-life crisis for sure, or perhaps this is my mid life but I do not see it as a crisis, I see it as a reinvention and that is a good thing! 

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