Birchbox Limited Edition Prestige Headliners Review

The Birchbox for CEW* Limited Edition Prestige Headliner box seems to be a real hit at only 18.00 but if you buy both the Headliners box and the Mass Appel box (which will be reviewed here tomorrow) you get them both for only 24.00. That is 12.00 per box, and with almost all of the items being full sized it is totally worth it, if you like the items included. 
*CEW stands for Cosmetic Executive Women 

Each box contains:
Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crème
Josie Maran Cosmetics 100% Pure Argan Oil Light
100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish (colors will vary)
Philosophy miracle worker® overnight
COOLA Environmental Repair Plus® Radical Recovery™ After-Sun Lotion
Lifestyle extras: Pocket Mirror, Toe Separators
So of course I had to order one! 
Here are my personal photos of what I received:

Box has been opened! 
List of Items
The Goods! 
I Got Red Nail Polish
Toe Seperators
This is Really Good Stuff! 
Can’t Wait to Try This! 
COOLA (sorry for bad photo)
Light Argan Oil! Can’t Wait to Use It!
Cute Little Mirror!

My Impressions:

So overall I am pleased with the box. I mean they tell you everything you will get before you buy it so if you do buy it and are totally let down, well that’s your issue. I would have loved a different color of nail polish but only due to having received two other red polishes very recently in subscription boxes. It’s rather funny because I really wanted a red polish a couple of months ago, but had none, then suddenly I am getting red polish, one after another!  It’s all about what we manifest! So now I am looking forward to testing all three polishes and deciding which red I like the best! 

The Mirror is cute, and I can always use one for my bag, but its rather on the really small side, so we will see how it works out. 

I am totally looking forward to testing out the Josie Maran Cosmetics Argan Oil because it is a lighter formula, usually Argan oils are a tad too heavy for my skin. 

The Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight is an excellent product, I have a smaller sized sample of this now and use it often. It is nice to have a larger backup! 

The toe separators will totally get used! These were considered a “Lifestyle Extra” in the box along with the pocket mirror. 

I will use the COOLA after sun lotion if I need it but I am pretty good at staying away from burns and do not spend a great deal of time lounging in the sun. I may put this into a giveaway. 

I am intrigued by the Fekkai Glossing Creme’ but to be honest I have a lot of this type of product already and adore what I use. This too may go into a giveaway. 

I absolutely feel the box is with 12.00 on its own but not sure I would have wanted to pay 18.00 for it. That isn’t because the products are not worth that much, but more so because the items I will actually use from the box are not wowing me, but I also knew going in that may be the case. I honestly got both boxes for the discount and because I can put what I won’t use into giveaways. So for me that works out fine. I think I may also have been more thrilled with my box had I got a different color polish but I realize that is somewhat petty. It would be cool though if we could have had a drop down menu when ordering to choose our own color! Overall thought, the box is well worth its price in item value. 

Check out my review tomorrow on the Mass Appeal Box! I liked that one more than this one! 

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