Bio Oil – My Experience

My Secret weapon for youthful skin? Bio-Oil!

You may have seen advertisements for it, and they make some pretty astounding claims, but from my experience, what they say is true!

Now I have done some research regarding Bio-Oil on the web and you will find people love it or hate it  and there are some people out there writing scathing reviews of the product saying it is nothing more than an over priced over-hyped baby oil. I disagree, but each person’s experience is truly their own. I do not consider it over priced at right around 5.00 for 3 fluid ounces.  I have also found that some of the reviews putting this product down are from people who have their own skin care lines. Regardless, Bio-Oil works for me.

I use it in addition to my daily routine, and in times that I have run out and go without it for weeks, sometimes more than a month, I can tell the difference in my skin tone. Yeah I do get that lazy, or just forgetful about picking some up. I really should’t considering my skin isn’t getting any younger. I have made a commitment to myself to always have it on hand.

So Bio-Oil works for aging skin, hydration, evening skin tone, but what about stretch marks? Well what I can say is that I had my last child almost 20 years ago, my stretch marks had been there for years before I discovered Bio-Oil – almost 16 years before! I found the product when my daughter had neurosurgery and we used it to help reduce her scarring from that surgery. It was hard to tell if it worked or not because how could we really know if the product itself was helping the scar or if she just healed that well naturally? So I tested it myself, on my own stretch marks. It worked! Of course my stretch marks are still visible but they are definitely lightened and seem less deep, less like giant caverns on my skin and more like shallow crevices.

So I use it for my stretch marks, but most of all I love it for the way it makes my face, neck, and chest look! It has even helped lighten up some of my age marks, I have a huge age mark on my chest.

It is going to work for you? I can’t say, we are all different biologically, but it is a solid product I suggest you try for yourself and is quite affordable. I would not use in in place of any other beauty product you already use, but in addition to.

I use bio-oil every night before bedtime, about a half hour before going to bed so that the oil has a chance to seep into the skin throughly before putting my face on my pillow. It does take a little time to absorb.

Want more proof? Here I am, absolutely no makeup, no morning routine on my skin, just my nighttime routine using bio oil last. For background info, I have dark circles under my eyes, which are always visable but not as much after using bio-oil. I have psoriasis, eczema, I flush easily, have a red undertone to my skin, and age spots. I am forty five years old.

I took the photo in natural lighting, light only from the windows in my house, which are quite large. I did not use any photo editing. Okay so I am sure I do not have the best skin for my age in the world but I am rather happy with my skin all things considered. 
I am not making any money writing this post or am I in any way associated with this product, and this is not an “endorsement” in the official sense of the word, but when I love a product I like to pass that information on to my readers. 
Have you used Bio-Oil? Do you like it? Do you have positive or negative comments? I welcome all comments so please share your experience. 

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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