My Favorite Articles Of December 2016

I have decided that at the end of each month I will do a re-cap of my favorite articles.


My Favorite Articles Of December 2016


I considered doing what I have seen other bloggers do, which is to make a list of their most popular articles, but I decided against it.


The reason for deciding against that is because the most popular articles are super easy to find on my side bar. In addition, sometimes a really great article, sometimes showcasing a wonderful product, or fashion, get over shadowed by other posts. This can happen when I am running a giveaway for example.

Some of my favorite articles will also be some of the most popular. There is no real rhyme or reason to why I am choosing the articles that I am but some of the reasons may be:

1. They are personal to me.
2. They were overshadowed and deserve more notice.
3. I really really really love the product.
4. I took great photos and wanted them to be seen.
5. The message is important to get back out there again.

To name a few of the convoluted reason floating around in my head right now. To be honest, my dog Lyla is barking her head off at something invisible to me outside. You would think she saw a bear she is so angry! Don’t worry pet lovers, I have soothed her, she just loves to bark her little head off sometimes.

Speaking of pet lovers … I plan to have one article from each category I blog about in each of my “Favorite Articles Of” posts. So each month, we will have 7 Favorites covering Pets, Beauty, Fashion, Empowerment / Enlightenment, Health, Tech, and Foodie.

There may be some months in which a category is lacking, for those I may pull a post from the same month from a past year or I may leave it out, or I may just choose one from the previous month. We shall see, this is new to me too. 😆

I hope you enjoy these articles, as with most things in blogging – we just have to run it up the flagpole to see!

So here we go, my first Favorites from articles in December 2016:

My Favorite Articles Of December 2016


Pet Profile: Link My Grand Dog
Since he just had a birthday, I decided he deserved another go at fame. Please read all about Link.


My Favorite Articles Of December 2016


Because of my love for animals, mother earth, organic, wholesome beauty products, and brands that give back I am featuring this article about The Body Shop.

My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
Oh how I love new clothing, and better yet, a new clothing subscription service! I am going to be receiving my Maple Chevron shipment anytime time and can’t wait to share what I get with you! Until then read all about Maple Chevron.
My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
Empowerment / Enlightenment
This was only recently posted but I feel this article has a great message. Everyone should read it!
My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
This is an article that is very personal to me where I share my own experience with Fibrocystic Breast Disease. A follow up article will be coming later this month.
My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
This article truly does not need a push but since there are only a handful of days to get entered, and someone is going to win, you may as well give it a try! The prize is outstanding!
My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
Since December only had a couple of Foodie related articles I am going to feature the first of three articles in what has been a very popular series. This could help many of you next Fall!
My Favorite Articles Of December 2016
I hope that you find a few new favorites of your own and please share your thoughts by leaving a comment here, or on any of the above articles.  

I love comments! Please join in discussion, ask questions, or leave tips for other readers. Comments truly are the driving force behind any blog as it helps the blogger to know what you, the reader want to see more of!

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