Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Brother The Poodle

It’s time for another Pet Profile and today’s profile features Romeo my Pup-Brother. I call him my Pup-Brother because Romeo is my mother’s pup. 

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My mother rescued Romeo from the shelter. When my mother adopted Romeo he weighed only five pounds and his coat was extremely matted, and long. His fur hung way over his little eyes. 

He was named Romeo because from the moment she picked him up and held him he snuggled into her, and full of love. My mother could tell that Romeo had lived a hard life and appreciated being loved. 

My mother has always loved dogs, and has rescued all of her pets from shelters, never having more than two at a time, usually just one, so that she can give them the best lives possible, and plenty of love and attention. 

Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle

Here is Romeo’s story:

I was found at my local humane shelter by my current owner six and a half years
ago.  We both feel very fortunate having found each other and feel we
are a perfect match for each other.  My owner feels she has found a
perfect companion and I feel the same.   

I know my owner previously had
always favored big dogs, such as golden retrievers but fortunately for
me, she decided to look for a little dog.  

The “little” dogs at the
humane shelter were kept in the pen closest to the door so that when my
owner entered, we locked eyes on each other immediately. It was love at
first sight and my owner took me to a separate room so we could get to
know each other.  
I couldn’t leave with her that day because I had
kennel cough but after being seen by the veterinarian and put on
medicine for 10 days, my owner was finally able to come and get me. She
took me immediately to be groomed, something I needed desperately having
been “on the streets” on my own for many, many days.    

I have now had my forever home and get almost daily
walks, good food and a lot of love. I have a very good soft place to
sleep since I sleep with my owner.  I feel we were meant to be together,
even though I started out with someone else.  If only all animals could
be so fortunate to have a blessed life.  

20 Facts About Romeo: 

1. Romeo weighs 12 pounds and is very squishy and wonderful to cuddle with. 

2. He loves his adopted poodle brother (not really siblings) Benvolio.
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
3. Romeo loves baths and loves to be toweled dried afterwards and held like a baby.
4. He is the alpha dog between himself and his brother Benvolio, even though Romeo is smaller in size.
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
5. Romeo likes to lay in the hallway at the top of the steps where he can watch all the action.
6. He keeps a close eye on the cat, Toonces, and will gently head butt him to show him who’s boss.
7. He has to “make his bed” and have his blankets just right before he
lays on them. He was taught this by his mama, Scout, my mother’s Boston Terrier
who sadly passed away after eating a mushroom.
8. He loves massages and coos with approval and gratitude. 
9. Romeo is the watchdog of the household and much of the time is looking out the windows, watching for questionable humans and animals.
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
10. Romeo has issues with the postal carrier. He watches for him to come and he must be let outside to run alongside the entire length of the fenced in
yard so he can chase and bark at him. He watches for him everyday and
knows when he is coming.
11. He enjoys his almost daily walks, and gets to go on many adventures in beautiful places in the country. 
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
12. Unlike some dogs, Romeo loves to take his medicine and thinks it is very special. He must know how much his mama loves him and wants to protect him. 
13. When Romeo is taken to the groomer, he turns around and watches his mama until the groomer turns the corner with him.
14. He loves his new cousin, Sunday, a Goldendoodle puppy, and does not mind her having a photo in his profile.
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
15. Romeo has two black dots on his tiny, little brown nose.  
16. When his sister, ( that would be me ), shows up to visit, he jumps up on her and his little nails scratch her legs. He loves visitors! 
17. Romeo loves being dressed up and does not mind it when his mama puts him in cute jackets, sweaters, and costumes. 
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
18. Romeo is always up for a new adventure and is willing to try interesting things. 
Pet Profile: Romeo My Pup-Uncle The Poodle
19. When Romeo is given a treat in the kitchen, he becomes highly protective of his treat. He looks around to be sure his brother is not watching, then he  run up the stairs to the bedroom so that he can savor it alone. 

20. Romeo is very jealous of the cats, especially Preston, whom he torments regularly. The cats spend most of their time downstairs in the finished basement as that is their domain, but given the chance, Romeo will race down there to stir things up. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading, and learning more about Romeo. More articles about my extended pet family will be coming soon. In the meantime, please read more Pet Profiles

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