Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!

Benvolio has been very patient in waiting for his time to shine and I hope you love his Pet Profile. I do have to mention that Benvolio is brother to Romeo, who’s Pet Profile has already been shared. You can also view all of the Pet Profiles here.

Benvolio is my mother’s pup, a gorgeous white poodle. He never would have been homed with my mother had it not been for her co-worker Betsy, who was herself looking for a new doggie companion. Betsy showed my mother Benvolio’s photo from the Human Shelter’s website. My mother already had Romeo, but she could not resist getting Benvolio too! 

Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!

While at the Shelter Benvolio was called Neville, but my mother wanted to stay in her naming theme and since she had Romeo she wanted to come up with a great Shakespearian name for her new pup as well. Neville became Benvolio because in “Romeo and Juliette” Benvolio was Romeo’s cousin! 

Benvolio has had a great loving home with his mamma and his brother now for six years. 

20 Facts About Benvolio:

1.  While Benvolio did not come with pedigree papers, my mother believes that he is 100% poodle.  

2.  Ben, is short for Benvolio and has become his nickname. 
3.  Ben is white with faint apricot on his ears and down the middle of his back.
4.  Ben acts like a cat, and loves getting into baskets, and boxes! 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
5. Ben looks forward to his monthly heart guard medicine and thinks it is a special treat.
6. When Ben gets his monthly doze of topical flea medicine he will go crazy for a full 20 minutes! He rolls, twists, hops, and runs in a 360 degree circle! This is not due to it hurting him or burning him, because he begins to act this way BEFORE it is given to him, and even when given to his brother Romeo, first. Even in anticipation of receiving his dose he goes crazy! He must really enjoy it. 
7. Unlike Romeo, who torments the cats, Ben gets along nicely with both cats in the household. 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
8. Ben has a nightly ritual of playing with my mother’s socks when she takes them off at night. He never chews on them but rather loves to go fetch them from the hamper and flip them around in the air for about five to ten minutes before leaving them each in a different part of the house for my mother to later have to search for. This has become a daily game ritual between Ben and my mother. 
9. Ben loves to roll in the fallen leaves in the Fall and due to his hair texture the leaves, and twigs stick to him. 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
10.  Speaking of leaves on the ground, Ben has a very strange thing that he absolutely loves. I have witnessed this personally and could not believe it, but Ben loves to be dragged! Do not worry, my mother is very careful not to drag him over rocks, or sticks. He also gets up when they get to pavement, or dirt, because he is a very smart dog, and my mother also stops dragging him when they get to anything that can harm him. 
Like most dogs Ben loves squirrels, of which there are many in his backyard, but Ben will run from tree to tree for hours, and sit under the trees to
watch for them.  He has developed quite the relationship with a few of them, they actually play and tease him back! 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
12.  Balls do not intrigue Benvolio.  He will leaves those to the labs and retrievers.
13.  He loves his baths. He knows the word “bath” and he willingly will go jump into the tub when his mom tells him it is bath time, even before the water is in the tub. 
14. Ben sleeps with his mom. He prefers to sleep up by the headboard when it is warm. When it is cooler he cuddles next to her.
15. While Ben of course gets great quality food, he prefers his food to be a blend of both dry and wet food mixed together. 
16. Ben enjoys a professional grooming every 3 to 4 months. 
17. Ben has a very outgoing personality yet is calmer than his brother Romeo. He is more laid back, but at the same time has interesting quirks. 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
18. Ben’s brother Romeo has an obsession with the mail carrier. While Romeo goes crazy, Ben likes to play linebacker and tries to block Romeo from getting to the window to bark, or from running the fence line to keep the mail carrier in view. 
19. Ben and his brother Romeo are inseparable doing most everything as a team! 
Pet Profile: Benvoilo, My Other Pup-Brother!
20.  Ben is a very happy boy. 
I hope you have enjoyed Benvolio’s Pet Profile. You can click here to see more Pet Profiles
Please comment! I would love to hear from you, so would Ben! What strange quirks do your pets have? What makes them unique? 

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