The Rave About Rodan + Fields Skin Care

If you have not heard of them yet you may not spend much time on social media. Rodan + Fields has taken social media by storm!

Redefine Skincare Line Rodan + Fields

Disclosure: I received Rodan + Fields product to facilitate this post.

I tend to shy away from things being raved about for some reason. I don’t know if it is because it just seems too commercial to me, or if I lean more toward boutique type items. Even movies that are super popular I tend to avoid.

Can you believe I have never seen the Titanic from start to finish!?

Still, with all the hype around the line, I thought I owed it to myself, and my readers to give it a shot. At least then I would know for myself if it really was worth all the rage, or not.

Since I am going for the anti-aging effects of skin care products, I went with the Rodan + Fields Redefine line.

Redefine Skincare Line

Rodan + Fields offers a 60-day money back guarantee on all of their products. There is nothing to lose by trying them if you have been tempted.

I am pretty loyal to my regular skin care line so when I learned that I could use Rodan and Fields along with it I was quite pleased.

I use Rodan and Fields every other day, and use my regular line every day rotating the night cream and toner that came with my R + F regimen.

My regimen came with a cleansing mask, toner, overnight restorative cream, and triple defense treatment with SPF30.

Using Rodan + Fields

The mask has a nice light feel on the face and the scent is clean and non-chemical which I love.

Rodan and Fields doesn’t test on animals.

Pore Minimizing Toner

The toner feels nice and does not smell astringent. My skin feels refreshed and soothed after using it.


Products from the Redefine Line

The creams are non-greasy and are very light on the skin as well. Each product is numbered so you know what order to use them in. I realize it is not a lot to remember but as I get older I can use all the help I can get.


Great Skincare

This is my goofy face after my first use of Rodan + Fields. I could already see an improvement. Sure no product can show it’s full benefits after just one use, but I did feel as if my skin looked brighter, more vibrant, and had better coloring. This photo was not edited and taken in regular bathroom lighting.

I have been using this skin care line for about two weeks now since I received the product and I can say for sure that I do see a difference.  Not just a small difference but a notable one. I can only imagine after being on the regimen longer I will see remarkable improvement.

If you would like a free skincare consultation you can now contact my daughter Emma who has decided to sell Rodan + Fields since this article was first published.

Emma can help assess your skin care needs, and determine the right regimen for you.

I highly recommend using Rodan + Fields after my experience. So my verdict is the rave is warranted and not just hype!

So my verdict is the rave is warranted and not just hype!

Have you tried Rodan + Fields? I would love to hear what you think about their products. Leave me a comment below, please.



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